Centara Grandat Central World

999/99 Rama 1 Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
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Centara Grand at Central World - Suvarnabhumi Airport26.9km about 40+ min drive

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Phone : +66 (0) 2100 1234 / Fax : +66 (0) 2100 1235

E-Mail (Reservation) : reservations@chr.co.th

Airport transportation


From Suvarnabhumi Airport, it will take about 1hr to Centara Grand at Cental world by car. In airport, there is ticket machines for calling Taxi.
Also, you can use Uber by the application.

* Limousine Bus

From Suvarnabhumi Airport, passengers can purchase Limousine Bus named Limo.
They provide Wi-Fi, and they run the bus every 30minutes to 1hr.

Bangkok transportation

There are lots of ways to get around Bangkok.

  • Skytrain (BTS): The Sky Train is an efficient and convenient way to navigate around the inner city, at a cost low
  • Taxis: Taxis are cheap and fares start at 35 Baht
  • Motorcycle Taxi: For shorter distances motorcycle taxis can be found on many street corners.
  • Subway (MRT): The Subway (MRT) is a welcome addition to the Skytrain and gives access to more areas than the Skytrain already does.
  • Tuk Tuk: Since it does not have a meter, all the price has to be negotiated.
  • Airport Rail Link (ARL): The Airport Rail Link (ARL) is a sub-urban train service that takes you directly
    from Suvarnabhumi Airport to the city center
  • Public Buses: There is a huge network of public buses in the city, but little English language route information is available.
  • SUN12/05

    36˚/ 28˚

    A p.m. thunder
    -storm or two

  • MON13/05

    33˚/ 27˚

    An a.m. thunder
    -storm in spots

  • TUE14/05


    36˚/ 27˚

    A p.m. thunder
    -storm in spots

  • WED15/05

    36˚/ 27˚

    A t-storm around
    in the p.m.

  • THU16/05

    37˚/ 27˚

    Clouds and sun-
    shine; hot

  • FRI17/05

    34˚/ 26˚

    A p.m. thunder
    -storm in spots

  • SAT18/05

    35˚/ 26˚

    A p.m. thunder
    -storm in spots

  • Currently Thailand climate is humid and hot, also May & June are rainy season please bring an umbrella.
Emergency Number
  • Emergency call : Police - 191 / Fire station - 199 / Hospital - 1669 / Tourist police - 1155
  • Police department nearby Hotel: Royal Thai Police Headquarters +66 2 205 2724
  • Banthat Thong Fire & Rescue Station : +66 2 214 1043
  • Tourist Center: Available Monday through Sunday from 9AM to 5PM at +66 2 280 1507
  • VENUE / HOTEL: +66 2 100 1234

Floor Plan Overview

Day 1 & 3. 22nd floor

Day 2. 23nd floor

Direction in the hotel

Day.1 - 22nd floor

Day. 1 Break-out Session event, Part1

Break-out Session will held on the 22nd floor at the same hotel where the participants rest

Session details will be updated at Programs section

Day.2 - 23rd floor

Day. 2 Official FY1920 Kickoff / Gala dinner

Official FY1920 Kickoff & Gala dinner will held on the 23rd floor at the same hotel where the participants rest

The Main event hall name is ‘World ballroom B & C’

For any further details please check Programs section

Day.3 - 22nd floor

Day. 3 Break-out Session event, Part2

Break-out Session will held on the 22nd floor at the same hotel where the participants rest

Session details will be updated at Programs section

About programs

Day. 1 13th Mon

Day. 2 14th Tue

  • 06:00~09:00

    BreakfastThe World Restaurant [24F]

  • Official FY1920 Kickoff Part.1 Worldballroom B+C [23F]
  • 09:00~09:10

    Opening video

  • 09:10~10:30

    RGM & LT Session

  • 10:30~10:45

    Break time

  • 10:45~11:30

    Panel Discussion

  • 11:30~12:00

    Intel / Microsoft Session

  • 12:00~12:20


  • 12:20~13:20

    LunchWorldballroom B+C [23F]

  • 13:20~17:10

    Team Building SessionDelegates Café & Bar [22F]

  • 17:10~18:00

    Break Time

  • Official FY1920 Kickoff Part.2 Worldballroom B+C [23F]
  • 18:00~19:00

    Cocktail Reception

  • 19:00~19:37


  • 19:37~22:00

    Team Performance
    & Recreation

  • 22:00~

    Free time

Day. 3 15th Wed

Restaurant SelectionRestaurant information

Team(Segment) The name of a team leader Prefer Restaurant
ECOMM Ajay Shankar Manage by Own
CONSUMER Tze Ying Tong Managed by Own
REL–GA Sharath Sreenivasan Chilli Thai +15
SERVICES Fui Li Hiu Water Library +30 (Services team under Alvin Lim, Sabrina and Jimmy)
HR/LEGAL Bella Chan Laem Chareon Seafood +12
SMB wei wah ng Managed by Own
SALES OPS Chin Man Yeung Laem Charoem Seafood + 18
MARKETING Jinn Kim Managed by Napa&Beer

Question and Answer

QCan I have my hotel confirmation letter?
A Confirmation letters will not be sent out individually as this is a group booking. Should you require one, please contact secretariat: Lenovo.cap.ko@gmail.com
QHow do I amend my registration details?
AYou can always login and update your details at any point in time up to 3rd May 2019. After you log-in you will see the modify button
to access your information.
QDo I need to book my own flights?
AYes. Book your own flights as per your country’s travel policy and expense.
QIs there any dress code for the event?
AThe dress codes are as follows.
1st & 3rd day : Business Casual
2nd day : CAP KO shirt & Cap(we will provide you) / Gala dinner : Traditional cloth of each country
QI have some extra request(ex. Dietary, hotel request) for my staying where can I ask this matters?
AYou may write your request when you regist. If you didn’t please log-in and press modify to add request.
QDo I need a visa to enter Thailand?
APlease check if you require a visa from here and apply if needed.
QI have some extra request(ex. Dietary, hotel request) for my staying where can I ask this matters?
AYes. You may call the hotel directly and change your schedule. But Lenovo CAP KO will book the basic room schedule
(13th May ~ 15th May) for all participants.
QIf I want to change my room condition, how can I arrange this? (ex. Longer stay, Upgrade to single room & ETC.)
  • Longer stay : Please be informed that the reservation other than only 2nights stays during May
    13th~15th, MUST be directed individually to the hotel.
  • Room Upgrade : Upgrade with one’s own expense is NOT permitted, unless exceptional cases

* How to contact hotel

Contact Us

For general enquiries or assistance pertaining to registration,
Please contact through e-mail below